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Residential Testimonials

Most people would ask the question of what price is quality. We turned this question about to ask what value is quality. Quality represents to us the enjoyment of living in a domicile that is pleasant to look at every day, one that takes minimal work to keep up and rarely needs to be ‘upgraded’ or repaired. In addition to this level of quality that we received from Carr Construction, we were witness to a work environment (we lived in the house during massive remodeling) that made us feel safe with a high degree of privacy. Richard’s crew made sure that they staged the build sequence so that our living areas were separated from the areas where construction took place so that, when we wished, we did not interact with the crew during our usual morning rush to work. The crew was always courteous, clean, relatively quiet and very talented. They and Richard always brought us in on any and all decisions and we were recommended to inspect the day’s work at the end of each day. When we came home, the work area was always cleared of debris and safe for our pets and visitors. In the remodeling of any older house, unforeseen situations occur; ours was no different but due to the vast collective experience of Richard and his crew, they always had multiple suggestions on how to proceed and allowed us, the owners, to choose which path was taken. The resulting product, our house, is a daily joy to wake up and live in; a clear example of what one gets for an excellent quality craftsman level house. Neighbors and passersby stop to say how beautiful and well constructed the house is while it was going up and now that it is done. —FL & KL, Sudbury, MA

We couldn't be happier with the results of our recent home addition. Richard takes a lot of pride in his work as does each of the craftsmen who work for him. Richard's advice always reflected what he would do "in his own home" and the attention given to detail by Richard and his staff went far beyond our expectations. The quality of the carpentry impressed even our architect. Despite the challenging nature of a home renovation, we can say that we enjoyed having every one of the workers in our home, and even miss having them round. They were neat, considerate, and trustworthy, and each brought a wealth of experience to the job. —AP, Newton, MA

From our initial consultation, our experience has been that you handled the financial and scheduling aspects of the project in a remarkably precise and organized way. The experience of having the job come in on time and on budget as arranged, after having seen all the unexpected problems that emerged and your openness to changes in the plan as we went along was truly astounding. We had the feeling that you were not only our contractor, but an advisor, friend and teacher in the complexities of the business involved. Richard, thank you again for putting your heart into the project and for doing such a wonderful, memorable job. —Dr. L.R., Winchester, MA

Once again - third summer in a row - it has been a pleasure having renovations done on our house, with you in charge. We have so often had people reply with a groan, from their own bad experiences, when we mention that we are remodeling. But never for a moment have we found anything to groan about. The quality all of your work, from the big tearing-out-of- walls to the tiny details of moldings and fixtures has been truly top notch. Without exception, everyone who comes to our home comments on the fine work and asks who was in charge. And it was fun having you around. There may have been times when you wanted to wring our necks for coming up with changes mid-way through projects, but you certainly incorporated our whims with equanimity, good humor, ingenuity, and great craftsmanship. We didn't even mind writing the checks. Your bills were fair and well-explained and there were no hideous financial surprises. Our only problem in writing a letter of recommendation is our fear that you'll be so in demand that we won't be able to get you back here when we come up with some new hare-brained scheme for you to turn into practical reality through your magic. —L.L. & M.S., Cambridge, MA

We love our house; in every way, it has met our expectations and dreams. —C.M. & A.M., Brookline, MA

You and your staff completed a remarkably fine quality job for us. Done it was, on time, and in a most pleasant fashion. I do miss our nice meetings. I especially appreciated your calm flexibility as we altered the plans. Above and beyond was your prompt courteous follow up on changes and repairs. Remarkable in this day and age of 'push the job' and get on with the next project. Jennifer and Dan also very pleased with the work at Arial Street. It is heart warming to realize there are those that care and want to do a quality piece of work - very much appreciated by me. —S.C., Chestnut Hill, MA

Thanks for everything-the Feng Shui is excellent! —F.S. & R.S., Brookline, MA

Our job tended to be complex in that we were reconverting a large side-by-side from three apartments into a single family again, and no major work had been done on the house for a hundred years. Everything was beautifully done, on schedule. Throughout the project we found Carr Construction, including its various subcontractors, not only highly competent, but also pleasant to work with. We are entirely pleased with the results of this rather intricate and difficult renovation. —J.D.G., Cambridge, MA

We are indeed enjoying the new space! Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful home! —Dr. K.M., Boxborough, MA

We chose Richard Carr to be the contractor for a large addition to our home in Concord, Ma. The project went from November, 2009 to July, 2010. Richard had excellent subcontractors and that was one reason that I selected Richard's company. There is no one better than his foreman, John Brierly. John came every single day, was always on time and did outstanding work. When Richard is in charge one does not have to second guess anything. After four months of living in the completed house now, there is not one thing that we can point to and say, "That wasn't done correctly." When we made some changes in the plans, Richard was very helpful and supportive. Richard Carr is very knowledgeable, has excellent taste (we were always asking his advice on what would look good), is extremely organized and is a talented builder. He is meticulous. Everything that is done on his job is done right! —S.P. & R.P., Concord, MA

Just a note of thanks for the excellent and professional work done in my home. I look forward to starting the outside work when the snow melts. —Dr. J.B., Chestnut Hill, MA

Historic Testimonials

During my 25 years at the Old North Church, I have dealt with many contractors. I must say that dealing with you and the people who work with you has been the most satisfying. I can take credit for many improvements, but honestly, the real work was done under your direction. The Columbarium, the Archival Room, the front entrance and vestibule are magnificent. The restoration work in the Clough House is marvelous. In addition to the superior quality of the work, I want you to know much I appreciate the honest and fair charges. We were operating on a tight budget and you produced a quality finished product within it. —R.W.G., Vicar, The Old North Church, Boston, MA

As Operations Manager for the Old North Church I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Carr on several building projects. Mr. Carr has successfully completed general contracting projects for Old North Church which involved quality, cost and schedule considerations. He has always done an excellent job of planning, implementing, and completing projects within an historical building which is constantly under pressure to look its best. Based on Richard's skills and ability I would highly recommend him for General Contractor duties in historic buildings. —C.C.H., Operations Manager, The Old North Church, Boston, MA

I first met Rich in 1981, when I hired him to do a major historic adaptation of my circa 1650 home. He did a terrific and sensitive-to-the-period job. Since then he has returned to build an addition onto the house, and to construct other modifications. I have recommended him to others, and the reports back have always been positive. Richard has been a consultant on building projects I've tackled myself and his knowledge was invaluable. Rich uses the best tradesman available to work on his jobs, and in construction. When Richard calls someone to a job, he knows what he needs to have and what he's going to get from that craftsman. The three key elements of a construction job are: (1) accomplish all the specifications of the work, i.e., get the job built the way the customer wants it; (2) bring it in on time; (3) keep it at or under budget. Richard understands this both for his customer and himself, and is a tiger at keeping the work moving and the costs down. Richard is easy to talk with, and to listen to. He is clear that the client needs to understand what is happening and what will happen next. To the degree the client wants to be involved, Richard keeps him informed. He always kept me abreast of what was happening and when the next phase would begin. One more thing: he is honest, a trait that is sometimes lost by others in the pressure to finish a job. —D. E., Brookline, MA

Architect Testimonials

Richard Carr has been great to work with on the custom residential jobs we have done together. He is very professional, has a good command of pricing and access to highly skilled craftsmen who are capable of executing your design. He has a good rapport with clients and understands customer satisfaction. I would work with Richard again in a minute. —D.G., VP Beame Architectural Partnership, Coral Gables, FL (formerly with Prellwitz Chilinski Cambridge, MA)

As an Architect on Historic Preservation and rehabilitation projects I have had several opportunities over the years to entrust Richard Carr with general contracting responsibilities for the implementation of delicate and detailed projects. As a Building Committee member at First Church in Cambridge I was able on recent occasions to make use of Richard's contracting skills to successfully complete remedial structural repairs in conditions requiring extreme care and thorough planning. Richard's ability to think through an entire project ahead of time, his flexibility in working within a completely occupied facility and his resourcefulness at obtaining the appropriate materials and skilled manpower were I believe the reasons for successful completion of the work. Based on my recent experience therefore, I would recommend Richard Carr for construction projects on historically significant buildings where thoroughness and sensitivity are prerequisites for General Contractor selection. —D.T., AIA, Menders, Torrey and Spencer Architects, Boston, MA

Richard Carr's attention to detail ensures the high quality finish work we expect and his project management skills keep the project running smoothly and on schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend Carr Construction. —W.D., AIA Nashawtuc Architects Inc, Concord, MA

Richard is one of the best contractors I have worked with. —C.E.M., AIA, Boston, MA

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