Open Letter to Homeowners

Over decades in residential building, Carr Construction has differentiated itself with a unique balance of contemporary elegance and heritage.

We don't approach projects with pre-conceived biases. We listen closely to owner's desires, observe the physical and visual landscape, and then lend practical insight we have gained over 30 years of contemporary and historical work throughout the region. We find that by striking the right balance between classic and innovative lines, we are able to build spaces that feel simultaneously authentic and dynamic.

We believe building excellence is ultimately the result of two factors – design and execution. When these elements come together, they feed back into the lives of the people who live within them. Our goal is that each project inspires the owner's everyday experience.

I encourage you to review our portfolio because the results are inherently visual. When lived in, we trust they offer owners an understated pride that they will want to share with those they love and respect. We hope these outcomes will be timeless through the generations.

As you would expect, having done this work since 1987, we are well versed in best practices in project management, green building, and safety. Your decision to work with us should be based on the subtle nuances that differntiate average construction from building excellence.

If you think our unique approach makes sense for your project, we would be delighted to discuss your vision in more detail.


Richard J. Carr

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